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Portfolio loans for  

Self employed, Entrepreneurs, 1099ers, Investors and more!
Bank Statement Loans Up to 90% LTV to $1M
Bank Statement Loans Up to 85% LTV $1M to $2M
Bank Statement Loans Up to 80% LTV $2M to $3M+
Loan Amounts  $200K to $5 Million
True No Doc Loan – Up to 80% – Verified 30 Day Assets
Investment Loans up to $3.5 Million
Foreign National &  Non Permanent Resident Loans
Purchase or Refinance
Cash Out Loans – Cash Back up to $2 Million
Personal or Business Bank Statements
Qualify on Cash Flow – Business Write offs Okay
No Tax Returns, No K1s,  Etc.
Higher Debt to Income Ratios – Lower Credit Scores
Most Competitive Rates
Lower Closing Costs & No Discount Point Option

Pre Approval is Key!    Go Mortgage Pros (512) 694-6847


Options Available for Primary Residences, 2nd Homes, Investment Properties  Single Family, 1-4 Units, All Condos, Town Homes

Why Mortgage Pros Texas

Mortgage Pros is a Texas based, award winning mortgage company committed to excellent strategies and an extraordinary mortgage experience. Mortgage lending is all we do, all day, every day! We’re here to help you in every way!

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Mortgages Designed for Self-Employed Borrowers

Congratulations on being one of 15 million self-employed Americans who enjoy the many perks of owning your own business. If you’re like most business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and 1099 individuals, you maximize your business expenses and deductions with every tax return. Totally reasonable, but what happens when your taxable net income is too low to qualify for a mortgage?  No worries!

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Mortgage Pros offers portfolio loan options to complement our self-employed borrowers’ financial goals with cash flow qualifying and flexible alternative no-income document qualifying loan options.


  • Texas Go to Experts!
  • Loan Amounts $200K to $5 Million
  • Higher Loan- to-Values Up  to 90% LTV
  • Primary Residences, , 2nd Homes, Investment Properties 
  • Purchase, Rate & Term Refinance, & Cash Out Refinance
  • Personal or Business Bank Statements – Cash Flow Qualify
  • No Income Documents, No Tax Returns, K1s
  • Stated income & Asset Qualifier Loans
  • 30 Year Fixed & Adjustable Rate – Interest Only Options
  • Higher Debt to Income Ratios & Lower Credit Scores 
  • Less than Perfect Credit Ok
  • Competitive rates – Lower Closing Costs
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    Bank Statement Loans are the new Stated!

    Our Bank Statement mortgage loan is ideal for self-employed borrowers who need an alternative method to show the true cash flow of their business.  Our new and improved bank statement loans maximize income with use of business and/or personal bank statements.  We count your business deposits as income in lieu of tax returns and care not about your actual business write offs. 

    These programs are flexible in qualifying up to 90% LTV with no PMI. 

    Conforming and Jumbo loans $200K to $5 Million.  

    Purchase, Refinance and Cash Out.

    Primary Residence, 2nd Homes, Investment Properties

    Two Years Self Employment Required – Assets Verified

    Mortgage Pros is your Go To Mortgage Expert! We pre -qualify & pre-approve all documents up front to deliver best loan and ensure final approval.  

    Call Mortgage Pros Texas at (512) 694-6847


    • Loan Amounts $200K to $5 Million
    • 10% Down Payment with no PMI
    • Qualify with Business or Personal Bank Statements  with low expense factor – All business write offs okay! 
    • Business bank statements- up to 85% deposits for income
    • Personal Bank Statements – up to 100% deposits for income
    • No tax returns, K1s,  
    • Own less than 100% of Business Okay
    • 30 Year Fixed & Adjustable Rate – Interest Only Loan Options
    • Higher Debt to Income Ratios  – Less than Perfect Credit Ok

      Asset Qualifier Loans

      We also offer true Stated Income Loans & Asset Qualification Loans.   These programs require a greater down payment than our bank statement loan programs, higher credit scores and net worth.

      Call Mortgage Pros Texas to discuss your situation at (512) 694-6847


      • We only handle loans in Texas – which makes us your go-to experts!
      • True stated income home loan options
      • Asset qualifer financing where borrower uses assets to qualify rather than tax returns of W2 income
      • Competitive rates
      • Fast fundings
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      Investment Property Loans

      Call Mortgage Pros Texas at (512) 694-6847


      • Qualify based on Market Rents 
      • Property Cash Flow 
      • No Debt to Income Ratios Available   – No Income Documents
      • No Landlord experience needed
      • Loans Amounts $200K to $3 Million
      • Up to 85% LTV no PMI
      • Option to Vest in LLC
      • Financing available in most States 
      • 30 Year Fixed, Adjustable Rates 
      • Interest Only Available
      • No Pre Payment Options 
      • Most Competitive Rates and Lower Closing Costs
      • Single Family, 2-8 Unit Multi-Family, Condos, Town homes

      Rehab / Fix & Flip Loans

      Get the funds you need with our rehab and fix and flip loans.

      Call Mortgage Pros Texas at (512) 694-6847


      • 80%, 85% or 90% financing available depending on experience + 100% rehab costs financed
      • Available for 1-4 unit properties, 5+ unit multi-family buildings, and condos
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      True No Doc Loans

      Call Mortgage Pros Texas to discuss your situtation at (512) 694-6847


      • Simple & Easy Qualifying Process
      • Exclusive New Portfolio Program Unique to the Market
      • No Employment,  No Income, No Debt to Income Ratios 
      • Loans Amounts $200K to $3 Million
      • Qualify based on Assets Seasoned for only 30 Days with sufficient
      • Funds for down payment, closing and 3 – 6 months reserves
      • Only 1 bank statement Needed 
      • Gift Funds Okay
      • Up to 80% LTV
      • Purchase or Refinance 
      • Primary Residence & 2nd Homes

      MIndy BakkerAbout Mindy

      Broker & CEO of Mortgage Pros.
      Loan Consultant

      6500 River Place Blvd Suite 250 Bldg 7
      Austin, Texas 78730
      Cell: (512) 694-6847
      Office: (512) 346-7767
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      Professionalism, quality and reliability coupled with a personal touch serve as the cornerstone of my business.   With over 30 years of comprehensive mortgage experience in processing, underwriting and originating, my experience, expertise, and in my clients words, “brilliant creativity” set me apart from my contemporaries.  I really do love what I do and I am so grateful to my partners in the community, my amazing Mortgage Pros team, and my friends and family who trust and support me in being the best I can be in my career and my life.

      I serve as CEO and Founder of Mortgage Pros, Co founder of Women of Hope for Austin Children’s Shelter, Founding Mom for KHOPE, member of Women of Trust for Dell Children’s  and YMSL and happily support many other charities and my community.

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      Mindy Bakker was simply the best. She is so great at what she does and the best loan officer we have ever worked with. She made it happen when three other mortgage companies could not! Mindy had the experience, expertise and confidence to present our super jumbo file for approval and saved us so much money with a better rate and less closing costs. We are so grateful and will recommend Mindy at every opportunity!
      John W.

      We will recommend Mortgage Pros and Mindy Bakker to everyone we know. Very professional and knowledgeable and super friendly and responsive. Customers for life!
      Brian L.

      It was a real pleasure doing business with Mortgage Pros. Mindy and her team did a great job for us and we will always recommend them to our friends and family. Superior customer service and the best rates!
      Thomas D.